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Overdue Ticket can be removed after agent response?

Our SLA states a response within 24 hours, and the system rightly flags that ticket as overdue after 24 hours. But the ticket then remains overdue regardless of any further responses from the agent. Surely the overdue status needs to be recorded then reset after each response from the agent? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?


  • There is no way to alter or change the SLA state via the ui at this time. (other than removing the SLA from the ticket)
    Moving thread to suggestions and feeback. 
  • If you update the due date to some future date, it resets the overdue status, until that date rolls around and then flags overdue again. Or manually setting a due date father in the future than 24 hours will also override the SLA and the ticket won't be flagged as overdue until that date. So when the agent responds, he can reset the due date as well. Is that what you are looking for?
  • Blueyeguy, the due date should be reset automatically as part of the SLA. Agents should not be resetting the date themselves as they are then deciding what is our SLA personally.

    Seems to me that the SLA function only supports a single client communication, nothing further really.

    I will need to turn off the SLA until this has been addressed. ntozier, any idea how long this would take to make its way into a release?

  • Perhaps we aren't using the SLA feature as rigidly as you are. We have an initial SLA set at 48 hours, with the goal of resolving the issue within that time. However we live in the real world and realize that this isn't always going to happen.

    After the initial 48 hours, the SLA then serves as a reminder that the ticket still needs something done to it. Perhaps we are waiting for the user to respond to something, or we are waiting for something that needed to be ordered to resolve the issue. 

    So at that point, we adjust the priority if necessary, and for us the Due Date really turns into a "Do" Date, reminding us that we still need to "Do" something with that ticket. Whether it be following up with the user to keep them informed on where we are with the process, or to remind them we are still waiting on a response from them, or to track the item that was ordered, etc.

    For us there is no need for a ticket to sit flagged as Over Due simply because we were unable to resolve it within the 48 hour goal, and resetting the Due(Do) Date for another day or two or however long, then prompts us to take further action with another alert when that new date rolls around, even if that action is to simply communicate with the user so they know what is going on.

  • Q: ntozier, any idea how long this would take to make its way into a release?
    A: The devs do not commit to dates.  My guess would be that SLA will be revisited by the end of 2015Q2
  • Thanks for your feedback guys.

    blueyeguy: you're right, there are different models for using the SLA, ours is based on the fact that we need to measure initial response time only. Once our client is engaged then we have no need (now) of measuring it, though it would be very useful  and wold help us maintain ongonig communications in a timely manner. We simply dont need to use the SLA as a reminder tool (nor is that really what is designed for)

    ntozier: great, thanks for that, fingers crossed for some enhanced functionality then. happy to offer functional suggestions if needed.
  • I just wanted to ping this topic and also add my voice in support of blueyeguy's feature request.

    Our SLA covers only our responses, not ticket resolutions, because
    1. users often take many days to respond to our messages
    2. there are often dozens of messages exchanged between us and the user over many days
    The way it works at the moment we either have to set a really long grace period, making it useless for reminding us to respond), or set a short grace period, resulting in most tickets ending up in the overdue list.

    Having said all that - great job on the osTicket 1.9.  We had an old version installed and weren't using it much because it wasn't good enough, so most of our support was done by simple e-mail.  When I finally got around to installing the new version I saw that it was now good enough to handle all of our support, so we're moving in that direction.  Well done guys!  By the way, we're not using osTicket to save money, we're using it because we need to have all data stored locally, so we can't use SAAS.
  • We have the same issue. If an agent responds, then they have 'touched' the client and it is not really past due anymore. We base our time frame off when they touch the customer initially. After that, it could take min, hours, or even days to resolve, thus our past due page ends up cluttered and really no help.

    +1 to this change
  • Would like to see this aswell.
  • +1 to that.
    Ticket marked as an overdue even though there is still process going on and info exchange with the customer doesn't really help.
    Resetting overdue status after every action taken or at least communication with customer would be really appreciated.
  • If I created a plugin for this would you want the overdue status removed or reset to overdue based on the current SLA only if an angent answers the ticket.
  • I really need this, there is something now?
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