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User Activation Email


I have everything so far working great, and SMTP is setup and sending myself and my team emails when new tickets are created.  The problem I'm having is that new users are not getting the activation email.  Any ideas?



  • You would want agents to check spam boxes.
    You would want to check mail server logs to see whats happening to the emails.
  • Nothing in spam folders.  Looks like the protocol logging is turned off on my exchange server so I can't follow the SMTP trail, however, the other SMTP messages are getting to us from a new ticket being created, so that tells me that part is working.  Any other ideas?  Where are the settings for how that activation email gets sent?

  • The only settings I can think of that pertain to this would be at: 1.9 -> Admin panel -> Settings -> Access: the templates are there.

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