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Linking User to Organization

I see that an organisation can be linked to a user   (Agent panel > Organisations > select org. > Add user)

However, the other way round - linking a user to an organisation (Agent panel > Users > User directory > select user > Manage account) does not work or I do not understand it.

There is an empty field labelled Organisation.  It is empty whether the user is already linked or not.

Whatever I type in there is not saved.  Whether it is a valid or invalid organization name, the input is accepted but is then lost.


  • Version of osTicket?

    You've already described how you add users to an organization so I have no idea what you are talking about.  I can only assume that you or someone else added an additional text field called Organization to the User Details form.
  • Thank you for the prompt responses.

    I have no idea how to add a field.

    I'm just at the 'toddler' stage with osTicket so I may have have done it in my  general rummaging - but I doubt it.

    How do I add/remove fields from forms?

  • I would also point out that the logical place to join a User with an Organization is when adding or changing a User.

    It is not very practical to create a User and then have to go over to the Organization screen, search for the user by name and link it in.
  • You did not answer my question.  Version of osTicket?

    Q: How do I add/remove fields from forms?
    A: Admin panel -> Manage ->  Forms

    Perhaps this thread will assist you:
  • Sorry - v1.9.14 (8b927a0).

    Thank you very much for that link - it does answer my basic question of linking a user to an organisation.

    I withdraw my comment - the option is there just not where I expected it (and where I did expect it there is this rogue 'Organisation' field that does not seem to do anything).

    I'm getting used to the style of the implementation which is different from what I am used to.

    Many thanks for the help.

  • Very welcome.
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