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Wiki out of date - Email settings: Fetch frequency.

Continuing with my setup I found mentioned in the Wiki that there was a need to set up a cron job to fetch emails.

That now seems to be out of date as far as the latest version goes (v1.9.14).  The Email Address screen has a Fetch Frequency which seems to work without any cron job being needed.


  • Your assumption that the wiki is out of date is correct. 
    Your assumption that you should not run cron is incorrect. 
    You should run cron or Windows Task Scheduler more than ever.
    You must have "Fetch on auto-cron" enabled at Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails to have observed this behavior.  While you can do it this way it is not the recommend way and really only for people who have no choice.
  • It seems I jumped to conclusions too quickly.

    The first thing to mislead me was the 'Fetch Frequency' field on the Email Address settings screen.  

    Secondly there is a field there Fetched Emails which I set to Move to Folder and specified a folder 'Uploaded'.

    I sent a test email to the new account I had created and discovered that my mail server was showing a folder Uploaded as well the Inbox.  My conclusion was that osTicket had read the account and moved the email to Uploaded.

    However, no ticket appeared in osTicket so I looked at that account and found the email still in the Inbox.

    So it must be that osTicket create the folder when it was validating the account details but indeed nothing has been fetched. (I do not have "Fetch on auto-cron" enabled)

    So I will create a cron job but still wonder what is the purpose of  the 'Fetch Frequency' field if it is a cron job that does the fetching?

  • Took a bit of trial and error but I eventually converted the wiki cron instruction

    */5 * * * * nobody /path/to/php /path/to/api/cron.php


    */5 * * * *    /usr/bin/php    /opt/osticket/upload/api/cron.php

    and it is now is working.

    What is the meaning of 'nobody' in the original instruction?

  • Some webervers run as the nobody user.  Others run as root, www-data, apache, etc.
  • What about the 'Fetch Frequency' field on the Email Address settings screen?  What does that do?
  • If you click on the ? after the parameter and it tells you what it does.

    "Fetch Frequency
    Enter how often, in minutes, the system will poll the mail box. 

    This will define the average delay in receiving an Auto-Response after a User sends an email to this mail box."
  • I did see that but to the best of my understanding the field is not used for that purpose.  I filled in that field and it did nothing.

    It is the cron job timing that controls the fetch frequency.

  • Running cron.php triggers things that need to be triggered (clean up, mail fetching, some table updating, etc.)
    If you run cron every minute... it will check the fetch frequency to determine if it needs to trigger that.
    If you set that [fetch frequency] to say 5 minutes, approximately every 5th cron execution would result in mail polling.
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