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Reply to email appended to wrong ticket.

I've had this happen about 4 times.  I just created a new ticket for a user but when they replied to the auto email they were sent - it was appended to an old ticket that was closed.  The ticket numbers are different so I'm not sure how this is happening.

I'm running v1.10-rc.2 (231f11e)


  • If you have to use Beta software you should at least upgrade to the most current version of the beta which is 1.10RC3.

    Have you modified your subjects to include ticket number like has been recommend ed in other threads?

    What email clients are they using?  Did they actually reply to the old message?
  • Ok I've upgraded to the current version 1.10RC3

    I do have the ticket number in my subject lines - they are using Outlook and they replied to the automatic email that was sent after I created the ticket.

    It doesn't happen regularly but I'll see if it happens again after upgrading.


  • Do you have the # in front of it?
    Like this: #%{ticket.number}
  • This is what I have for all the subjects:

    Re: %{ticket.subject} [#%{ticket.number}]

    I wonder if it has to do with them replying to an old ticket (before I changed the subject).

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