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what is the company information tab for?


I am trying to figure out how one of my clients can use OS ticket to find out how many outstanding tickets they have out that need addressed.   For example, I am the help desk specialist so my job is to monitor help desk tickets from several organizations across our consortium.   So I need to be able to sort tickets by each organization and do a weekly review with them to see what is outstanding that still needs to be addressed.  

I came across the Company Information tab but there are several form fields to fill out and I'm not even sure I understand what this field is used for.

Any suggestions/ideas?



  • As long as I am understanding you correctly the Company Information is meant to be used by the company that is providing the support via osTicket, in this case you and the company you represent.

    To break up information by various clients you would create Organizations that represent each one and when you (or the client) enters a ticket it should be tied to a specific Organization within osTicket. Then you can pull up the Organization via its tab, click on it and view all tickets associated with it.

    Does that offer some clarity?
  • Hello!

    Yes, that does help. Thank you!  

    And you do understand correctly.  the company I represent (work for) provides support via osTicket, and some of the clients would like to know how many outstanding tickets they have throughout their company.   They are telling me they are not able to filter by organization though.  So I have been working on that and created a log in account of my own in the hopes to mirror what the client is seeing.

    Thanks again for your help!
  • Gotcha. I think I have your solution for this then.

    So first as you know you need a user and an organization. Once you have that you need to assign the user to that organization that they belong to. To do that go to the Organization (Users > Organization) in the Agent Panel. Click on the Organization and click on Add User (see images)

    If the user already exists then use the 'Search existing users' field to locate and then continue.

    From here the user should be able to see the tickets for their organization. Of course you may need to edit their viewing ability in case they can only see their own tickets but this should be the way to fix it.

    Lastly, you need to make sure the tickets are assigned to the correct organization. I am going to guess you have all that in place already so it may just sound like the users are not assigned to their organizations properly.

    I hope this helps!

  • To add to this since I just found this setting while playing around once you create an organization click on it's name (which should be a link) and you get some more options (see image).

    With these settings it looks like you can create a primary contact for any organization which would then be able to see all tickets. Also looks like this can be done organization wide for all users in it or just specific ones.

    I am relearning all this since the last version I installed and setup was about 3-4 years ago and they didn't need much configuration. I am in the transition period now though of moving away from a full network solution (which includes too much crap) to using this as a BIB ticketing solution, so I have had more time and incentive to dig into it much deeper than before.

  • Thank you for sending the print screens ~ those are very helpful for me. 

    I've been working on this for awhile, and I'm stuck.  I have a user created, (this user is not an agent though, do they need to be?) and I have this user assigned to their organization.   But I cannot find the screen you sent me a copy of (the screen that has the "Fields" and "Settings" and it also has the "ticket sharing" on it).  Which I think would be the answer to my prayers!!   Maybe I'm working from a different version of osTicket?

  • The user does not need to be an Agent, they can be a regular user.

    The 'Fields and Settings' screen however is accessible only as an agent and you find that by going to the Agent Panel > Users Tab > Organizations. Click on the Organization's name (see first image - example I would click on Treasurer (BS)) to open the Organization's management screen (see second image).

    Once you have the Organization's management screen open (as shown in the second image) click on the name of the Organization again (it should be blue, bold, and act like a hyperlink). When you click on that you will then get the window I posted earlier. Again, this part is ONLY accessible as an agent. 

    When logged in as the user you should be able to see their own tickets as well as the organizations tickets (depending on access) from the sign-in portal (see third image).

    First Image

    Second Image

    Third Image (logged in as the user using the normal portal URL.
  • This is great info!  Thank you so much for helping me with this.  I am leaving for the day - but I am going to test this out tomorrow.

    Thanks again!
  • No prob. Let me know how you fare.
  • So, I was able to follow along with the directions you sent me!  I was able to assign the user as a primary contact for the tickets :-)   And I've been testing it out to see how this works on the other end.  Does this icon mean that the primary contact was notified? To me it looked like a group of people - so I assumed the ticket went to the help desk, and also the primary contact was notified as well.  

  • I will be honest Emily, I am not sure where that icon came from/what it is for. I have tried several test tickets with various user settings and organization settings but I cannot re-create it. I thought maybe it had to do with being the ticket being assigned to a team then maybe with a primary contact being added to all tickets for that organization but I cannot seem to get it to appear in my testing environment. 

    I am using RC 1.10 right now though so I wonder if that may be part of it, may have been removed if you are using a slightly older version?

    Maybe ntozier can chime in and provide some light on this since I am now curious myself.
  • I believe that it is simply a visual representation that more than one person [or more specifically that there are collaborators] involved in the ticket.

    In 1.9 this icon was in the Subject column of the ticket list.
    In 1.10 this icon now appears in the From column.
  • Hello!

    I am using version 1.9.12 (if that helps answer the question)

    Thanks for all of your help with this!!  I am learning so much :-)


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