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New Internal Activity Alert to Organisation Account Manager


There seems to be an important step missing when using the Account Manager feature. The purpose of the Account Manager is to keep track on what is going on with the customers they oversee. osTicket gives you the ability to set notifications for New Tickets created and when a New Message is received from the customer, however it fails to have the option to be notified of Internal Activities such as Notes or a Reply from an Agent.

This is very important as the Account Manager would not know if the customer has been replied, an action taken, etc, and would therefore need to go through the tickets to see if an agent replied and what was said.

Is there a way to notify the Account Manger for Internal Activities as per info description i.e. "Alert sent out to Agents when internal activity such as an internal note or an agent reply is appended to a ticket."


  • This does not appear to be a question, and appears to be a suggestion or feedback.  Moving thread to Suggestions and Feedbacks.
  • ntozier, the question is there.

    "Is there a way to notify the Account Manger for Internal Activities as per info description?"
  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts and notices: New Internal Activity Alert.
    The account manager would have to be one of the following: "Last Respondent", "Assigned Agent/Team", "Department Manager" to get updates.  This means that you could set the department manager to be a email list that has the department manager and the account manager on it.
  • This does not make sense.

    Each Sales Agent has his own list of clients and is therefore Account Manager for his customers. If the customer sends an accounts query to the Accounts Department or a tech query to the Tech Department, the account manager may never be a "Last Respondent", "Assigned Agent/Team" or "Department Manager" but will need to be kept in the loop of the replies.

    You cannot even create a Ticket Filter as the Organization / Account Manager is not an option and not even adding a Collaborator is an option
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