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Forwarding emails to create ticket


When someone forwards an email chain to the ticketing system it is not giving the full email thread in the ticket only what the person forwarding the email will appear not the actual forwarded email. how can we resolve this?


  • This does not appear to the a suggestion of Feedback, moving thread to General Discussion.

    You can try to change the reply separator tag. (Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails)
    Forwarding emails to the ticket system is the devil.  You should mvoe the message from the mailbox to your ticket system's mail box instead.  It's much cleaner that way.

  • This appears to do the trick. But when you say not forwarding emails and just moving the message from the mailbox to the ticketing system what do you mean? Other than forwarding an email that is not already a ticket...
  • I have both mail boxes configured in mny outlook.  I drag email from my inbox to the ticket systems inbox.
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