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Email POP Setup

I installed the software and configured it to the best of my abilities i have only one small problem 
When someone sends an email to the account that was setup for fetching emails the system doesn't create a ticket and there
is no way of testing it in the control panel.
(Email Fetching has been enabled)
Can someone please point me in the right direction please


  • Did you setup cron or windows task scheduler?
  • the software is running of a linux hosted sever at my isp (i installed it from the cpanel) so i guess its running of cron task scheduler i did the setup from the scp login there seems to be more to this then just configure is there a setup manual for getting every thing up and running 

  • Re: so i guess its running of cron task scheduler

    Unless you setup a cronjob it is not.  You need to setup cron.  Please see:

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