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Contact Information: File upload issue

Hi Folks,
I am running the OSTicket version 1.9.14 on my server - with PHP5.5 and MySQL5.7.9.
And, I am facing couple of issues.

I customized the Contact Information and added two fields for file upload.  The registration goes through but the file uploads are not visible when I view the user from a SCP panel. When I edit the user, and upload the files, then the files are visible - basically it is not uploading the files chosen by the user but accepting those by the admin. I saw the SQL query, and it looks like this:
INSERT INTO ost_form_entry_values SET `field_id` = 41, `entry_id` = 35, `value` = '[]'
The value for the file is going blank. But the same thing is possible when  staff edits the same user

Another issue, that I am facing is, these file upload fields are coming  up while creating a new ticket (as a guest user). I tried going to Admin Panel->Manage->Forms->Ticket but the check box to delete is grayed out. These fields are currently, "Required for End user" but i have tried using "optional too - with the same result.

Also, I need to send an email to the registered email Id ONLY for verification purposes, I want the admin to verify the documents that the user has uploaded (issue no 1) and then approve the user, only then the user can login. Is this possible ?
If yes, then where would I Have to change the login check module.. Do I have to make a custom form for the admins/staff to verify the new users ?

Please let me know if I can ask these many questions in a single post, else will repost them.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product!


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