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Ticket directly closed


ist it possible to directly close a ticket while i am creating one?

I create a ticket "New Ticket" and fill in all infos i need but i don't want do create it to an open ticket, i want to close it directly.

Example: A user had a problem and i fixed it cause it didn't take time and i did it right away. Then i just want to create this ticket but don't want to have it opened and closed again.

many thanks


  • When you are creating the ticket in the staff background, there is the option to select the status of the ticket just under the response and above the internal notes
  • When you open the ticket, after the "initial response for the ticket" box you would select Ticket Status "Closed".
  • ah, i have to add an answer :D didn*'t see the checkbox etc.

    thank you very much.
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