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New Task does not append Description to Thread and does not reference Ticket


I created a Task from a Ticket by clicking on Tasks Tab within the ticket and then clicking on the "Add New Task" button.

I added a Subject and a description. The ticket was created, however the description i typed is nowhere to be found and no Thread was added.

Also if you go directly into the Task there is no link/reference to the Ticket the task belongs too so the Task recipient has no idea for which ticket this task is for.


  • I found a fix for this here


    - return MessageThreadEntry::create($vars, $errors);
    + return MessageThreadEntry::add($vars, $errors);

    However still found other bugs.

    1) The Due Date is blank even though I chose a date
    2) I assigned the Ticket to a Team but they did not receive a notification by email. If I choose an Agent the notification is sent.
  • 1.10rc1, rc2, and rc3 are release candidates.  Aka beta software.  You are bound to find issues with it.  There are quite a few issue reports on github.  You would be best suited reporting things (that are not already reported) at github as the devs asked that but reports for 1.10 be posted there.
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