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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

DMT Free Responsive Theme "Extended Basic | Great Pumpkin" Stable 1.0 for osTicket 1.9.12



  • Hey guys!

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to make this theme work all throughout OsTicket. I installed this theme but it only works on the client side. The agent side still looks like the old theme.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hi,

    I have installed the DMT theme file ( on OSticket v1.9.12 . The system log was generating DB few errors regularly. Basically the errors are generated by invalid column names in the SQL statement. I have replaced two of the SQL statements in the class.ticket.php with the SQL statements from the original class.ticket.php file and DB errors stopped.

    This may help if somebody is facing the similar issue.
  • edited April 2016
    Hello there

    First, thank you for the excellent theme! It really enhances the experience of the system.

    I've got a question though.I would like to change the order of the elements in
    the 'info' element that's on every Client side ticket page. it looks like the user belongs to a certain department,
    But the department actually tells who's working on the ticket on admin/agent side. It's a bit confusing for people creating an account and adding a

    Alternatively could I just hide an element?

  • Okay, I found the answer. It's in the /include/client/

    Would it be complicated to have custom fields appear in the info box instead of above the main ticket element? As you can see I'm not a php expert at all. ;)
  • By custom fields I mean the Form Fields that you can add in the Ticket Details.
  • edited April 2016
    Another small issue. When adding custom fields to the Contact information form they appear shorter on the user registration page, although i've selected "Short Answer" which is the type for the default ones. In the php I can see that the fieldsets have different maxlenghts and sizes. In the CSS I wasn't able to influence this though.  Do you know in which php file this can be changed?

  • @DSecker
    The length of the fields can be set by clicking on the config button next to the field. Gambling around with "size" will lead you to success. ;o)
  • Thanks, that was too easy. Now it looks good. Firefox doesn't open the config option.
  • Hello ,

    I base on your 's customize the color and bg ,

    Everything good ,expect there is no notification message about Error in register page .

    which osTicket default does

    How can I fix this ?
  • edited April 2016
    The error message is displayed directly under the field: "Email already registered. Would you like to sign in?".
    Just write a css style for the error message to adopt it to your needs.

    Best regards, Jürgen

    BTW: Have a look at our new themes available at, with a lot of additional features and improvements in comparison to our free theme. Try the color switches add the bottom and have a look at the information section. ;o)
  • edited April 2016

    I would like to add the the Help Topic that was selected by the user during the Ticket creating to be also in the Info field.

    I know it must be added in the

       <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Ticket Status');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo $ticket->getStatus(); ?> </li>

        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Name');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo mb_convert_case(Format::htmlchars($ticket->getName()), MB_CASE_TITLE); ?> </li>
        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Help Topic');?>:</b><br />
        ??? </li>

        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Department');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo Format::htmlchars($dept instanceof Dept ? $dept->getName() : ''); ?> </li>
        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Email');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo Format::htmlchars($ticket->getEmail()); ?> </li>

        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Create Date');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo Format::db_datetime($ticket->getCreateDate()); ?> </li>

        <?php if ($ticket->getPhoneNumber()>""){?>
        <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Phone');?>:</b><br />
          <?php echo $ticket->getPhoneNumber(); ?> </li>

    Für Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar.
  • @DSecker: Please insert:

    <li class="list-group-item"> <b><?php echo __('Help Topic');?>:</b><br />
    <?php echo $ticket->getHelpTopic(); ?> </li>

    Best regards,
  • Super, vielen Dank!!!
  • @DSecker: I´ve got a question about your addition to the
    Where exactly (in which lines) do I have to add your addition?

    Thank You.

    Für eine Anwort wäre ich sehr dankbar.
  • Is there a way we can use cascading drop-down for our help topics.  Right now we have numerous help topics per department and the one drop-down option seems to be a  bit overwhelming to the users experience.  I am wondering if there is a way I can set up 3 fields or a cascading list that will group the Parent Help topic with it's sub topics, so it looks cleaner and less crowded for our users. 
  • @bombolero: DSecker has inserted in the complete code block, search for it and replace the line with the red questionmarks with my posted lines.

    Best regards, Jürgen
  • @jferrand11: Its no problem with a little bit of php knowledge, because help topics support subcategories and there is all existing what you need to do this. I will drop it on our request list and we will integrate this feature in our DMT Club themes. Nice idea!
  • @DMTGMBH: Thank you for your answer, but I still can not find the lines. :-(
    (I was searching in
    What is the exact name of the file?
    Thank You
  • @dmtgmbh thanks...I will look around to see if we can make the tweaks.

  • @bombolero: please edit this file "include/client/"

    Have a nice day, Jürgen
  • @DMTGMBH: Thanks for your help, but I still can not find it. Sorry.
    I have got the OS-Ticket Version 1.9.12 and I ve only added the german language pack.
    I ve read the code by a normal Code Editor. Sorry but I am a absolutley beginner.
    Where is my mistake?

    Thank You
    Do I need to apply the customization again when upgrading from 1.9.12 to 1.9.14?
    Also, how to remove 'Ext' field under the 'Thelephone number' field?
  • edited June 2016

    From 1.9.13. to 1.9.14 are 16 files changed

    From 1.9.12 to 1.9.14 are 43 files changed

    If you have installed custom themes or plugins, each time the core code is updated, the custom code must be updated to the version you have installed on your server, if affected files are implemented in this custom code. In our themes the only affected file from 1.9.13 to 1.9.14 is include/staff/ We will release in the next days new installation packages for 1.9.14.

    Sorry, but there is no other way, because osTicket isn't build for theming...

    If you have any questions and like to get a qualified answer please give a detailed description and attach some screenshots.
  • Thank you very, very much for your swift reply.
    I'll wait for you guys to release an update.
    No hurry...
    Is it possible to change the default language?
  • I'm excited to try this out when the 1.9.14 update gets released
  • @DMTGMBH Any news on the update from you?
  • edited August 2016


    Will it be for osTicket version  v1.10-rc.3 an update be? For me it comes with creating a ticket to errors? (tranlated with Google) 

    Liebe Grüße / best regards


  • Hello Dears,
    please i have a problem with DE flag it didn't appears what i have to do to let it appear??

    thank you
  • I replaced the files as instructed in readme.txt and now when agents and admin try to login they get this message:

    Valid CSRF Token Required

    Please advise.
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