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Changing User email address

I cannot find an option to change a user's email address.  Have I missed it or there is indeed no way to change it?

Looking at the actual database, I cannot see any reason for this restriction.

I directly changed an email address in the database and everything still seems to work normally for that account.

While it may be rare, I would have thought an ability to make such a change would be useful.


  • Using latest 1.9.14
  • Go to the User Directory.
    Click on the person.
    Click on the person again.
    Edit the email address field.
    Click Update User.

    Although I probably would have just changed it in the database personally.

  • Got it.

    Still getting used to the structure of the data and the implementation style.

    I expected the ability to make this change to be in Manage Account rather than hidden behind an unnamed link.

    Thanks for the quick response.
  • Very welcome. :)
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