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REMOVE TAB Assign Ticket

is it possible to remove tab 'Assign Ticket'?

For our management is sufficient to implement only the transfer of the ticket, so the presence of the tab could create management errors.


  • edited September 2016
    Being able to remove this tab is not a feature in osTicket at this time.

    You could probably achieve this by editing the core source files.

    You could always prohibit the staff from doing it using the their group settings 'Can Assign Tickets' set to no.
  • Thanks,
    I used this workaround, just modify css file:

    visibility:hidden !important;
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    Thanks for posting your solution here for other people to see. :)
  • edited September 2016

    Thank you.

    ps ignore the upload it was meant for another post, it wont let me remove it.

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