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Ticket Options at Bottom of Thread

I just started using osTicket a few weeks ago; and WOW!  I'm in love.  I switched over from a public support forum (way too much spam), and have not looked back since.  Thank you!

There is only one little "nuance" I've noticed (and perhaps it's just related to my work flow).  When replying to a ticket; after you submit the response; the page reloads and takes you back to the bottom of the thread... perfect.

But, sometimes I want to go straight to the "Open Tickets" page after I submit a reply... and I have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page.  When ticket threads become fairly long (30 replies or so); it is a lot of scrolling.

I suggest having another link section (just like the top) where you can manage tickets; but have it under the reply box in individual ticket threads.  This would make ticket navigation much faster. 

Here is the top section I'm referring to:


And here is the bottom section; where I think the duplicate links could be shown:


Thank you for the consideration.


  • 1.10 introduces a new control pane on tickets... once it is out I feel like it will alleviate most of the need for what you are suggesting.
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