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Installer fails error: ...Failed opening required 'C:/wamp64/www/ost/include/class.base32.php'

The installer hangs and fails after completion of the system settings, admin settings and db settings dialogue. The PHP error is:
Fatal error:  require_once(): Failed opening required 'C:/wamp64/www/ost/include/class.base32.php'

I cannot find the file referenced in the application directory at the referenced path or any other path. This is an initial install of OSTicket 1.9.14 on WAMP on Windows Server 208R2. 
Apache 2.4.18 - PHP 5.6.19 - MySql 5.7.11


  • Does 'C:/wamp64/www/ost/include/class.base32.php' exist?
  • No, it doesn't exist.
  • Well then I think that you answered your own question.  It cannot open the file, as it does not exist.
  • I understand that a call to a file that doesn't exist will fail... My question is, why isn't the file included in the package if it is required by the install process? More precisely, maybe, how do I complete the install at this point?
  • edited September 2016
    The file is included in the download archive. (Yes I have confirmed this.)

    You cannot complete the install with an incomplete copy of the core files.
  • I have obtained a second copy of the zip archive and extracted it. A full replace of the directories on the server and I am in business. I am not sure why the initial archive wasn't complete, but now all is good. I appreciate your help with this.
  • Very welcome.  Please let me know if you have any further difficulties.
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