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Help with email fetching after Power Outage

Hey all,

A former coworker of mine set up OSTicket for our company about a year ago, and it has been working great!!

....Up until about a week and a half ago.  We had a power outage and subsequent generator failure that caused all of our systems to lose power and go down hard.  We have everything back up and running, with the exception of OSTicket not fetching emails!  It used to check once per minute, but is no longer doing so.  However, auto cron is working, as it fetches emails and opens tickets as soon as I log into the web appliance.

I have spent the last two days reading all sorts of things on this forum, and reading the wiki, but it just isn't making sense to me.  It is setup on a Cent OS server, and I have extremely limited Linux experience.  I have never used cron before.  In reading other threads with similar problems, it seems like most people just point them to the IMAP/POP3 setup wiki...which I have read like 10 times now, but just isn't making sense.  I apologize for my lack of knowledge here, but I'm just going to need some additional help.

I am attaching my system info below, but please let me know what else I can provide to help troubleshoot this!!
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