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[resolved] OS Ticket Migration



  • That file is uploaded again and I get this error:

    ; Maximum amount of 
     a script may consume (300MB)
    memory_limit = 512M

    increased the amount from 128 MB to 300MB.   And checked the log file
    again, the error's gone.  This time I viewed the page on Google Chrome,
    it displays the 500 Internal error, "is currently unable to handle this request.  Also, STILL SEE NOTHING.  If I get the 500 Internal Error, usually it's my hosting
    issue. Right?

    log file says I still have syntax error and warning, I don't think this
    is a big deal.
    Can you confirm this again?

  • make a file in your osticket directory.
    name it testphp.ini.
    in the file put
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    open the url to your site /testphp.ini.
    Please provide the output from that.
  • After  7 tryouts, my hosting provider finally fixed their errors.
    I see the content now.

    My password and username are useless for the Admin Panel. I can't get in.
    I want to reconnect from the old database to this one. How do I go from here?

  • You would have to restore the db from your back up, or edit the ost-config.php to point to the right database.
  • Please elaborate little more details with your suggestions. Thank you!
  • step 1.  restore the db from back up to the older version.
    step 2. edit the ost-config.php file and give it the username/password and name of the database.
  • My problem is solved. A big THANK YOU for helping me out!
  • Very welcome. :)

    I'm mark this thread as resolved.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you run into more snags, or have other questions.
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