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No need of Registration to open a ticket

I don't want to register any new user to open a ticket, my employees have a username and password, so that service, i need to call in class.auth.php, i need only login to open a ticket with their master username and password, login should be based on the response from the service, registered users only can login to open a ticket, i really don't want that, please help me,image


  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Access
    require registration: checked.
    registration method: private.
  • Very thanks, i need one more clarification the ost_user_account table has the status of the registered user, from here only the the email is checked either account is verified or not, now my question is which php file is dine this work and i need to change the table from ost_user_account to some other table, please help me
  • I have no idea... it's probably obfuscated by ORM.  If the table is in the same database though you ought to be able to change the DEFINE in bootstrap.php.  The line you are looking for is (73):

  • Thanks ntozier
  • hi i have one more doubt in checked and un checked the Require registration and login to open a ticket from admin panel, kindly visit the first image, these fields are visible when i uncheck the require registration from the admin panel, the second image is displays the those fields only after i checked the require registration from the admin panel, now my query is i need to display all the fields from the first image to second image, i dont know how i do, kindly help me,
  • Did you actually populate those fields with data?
  • I have no idea.  I would recommend that you simply use the user import feature and create all your users that way... instead of trying to muck around changing where the users are being stored.
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