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User list consistency - v1.10-rc.3-12-g55dc25a (55dc25a)

edited September 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback
If I go and look at the user list ( /scp/users.php ) under status, I see GUEST and ACTIVE (REGISTERED).

But when I switch to an organization view ( /scp/orgs.php?id=1 ) under status, it just shows up as ACTIVE, even though I know they are just guest accounts.

Since I am using the LDAP auth plugin to connect to active directory, it would be nice to verify that all the users I put in an organization are registered properly.


  • Thank you for the feedback.

    How long have you used osTicket?
    We have a ton of Guest users because all the users from before the LDAP plugin are guests, and all the users afterwards are Active (Registered) or Locked (Pending Activation), we also changed the way users register though.  We have accounts that date back to 2009.
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