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Email Tickets sometimes with all recipients, sometimes not


I'm using osTicket 1.9.14. When tickets are created, we sometimes see all email recipients (CC) are available in the response field, sometimes just the original sender. Can you explain or verify this behaviour?



  • I have no idea what you are talking about.  Please provide more information and a screen shot of the behavior.
  • I want to respond to more than only the ticket originator. Sometimes I get collaborators, sometimes not:
    It is not clear, why this happens sometimes or not.
    Aren't the recipients in CC also automatically added?
  • When an email is sent to the system, a ticket is created.  The sender is the user that ticket is opened ask..  Any emails in the CC field are added as Collaborators.  So I have no idea what you are trying to ask since you haven't actually asked anything...
  • I try to keep it simple. osTicket should be able to communicate with multiple recipients, call them sender, call them collaboators, whatever...
    The Reply button has a collaborators checkbox and tells me, that I have or I can add recipients.
    The thing is: I do not see, which recipients were on the last incoming email. In the moment I need to cross check emails, to know who was involved in the last communication. I can see only the sender.
    osTicket should display all recipents from all incoming emails in the status bar / thread top. To continue communication without additional effort, osTicket should display those CC recipients in a CC field, which should be of course editable, to add or remove recipients.
    Can we expect such a functionality for the upcoming release of osTicket?

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