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osTicket configuration

Hello,Would like help from someone how do the configuration of osTicket , work in a hospital and decided to use this program, the more I am having problems with the configurations .Not I change my url , which is in localhost for the url of the company, if there is a topic link or video that can help me make those settings ..

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  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    Version of osTicket?

    Change: Admin panel -> Settings -> HelpDesk URL -> to the new URL.
    If you want to use a domain of course you have to own one, have hosting for it, and move osTicket to host where the site is hosted.
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    sure that part I understood more as I will not use it externally, I will use only internally, I would like to understand a problem that's because I will leave my ip range, but when I put it does not appear osTicket but rather the home page of my bank data. How do I solve this problem ?
  • If you leave your IP range (network) then of course you cannot connect to the server... unless you have DNS setup for your host.  This does not sound like an osTicket issue to me.
  • I'm not saying that I'm having a problem and of the ticket, I'm saying I'm hard to set it up .. I'm asking for help because you guys found it very good system and would like to have it in my company
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    Your request is very not clear.  Try asking it in another way.
    Because right now it sounds like you want us to tell you how to setup your [unknown software] webserver to be accessible outside of your [local private] network. With absolutely zero information as to what software you are running for any of it.

  • looking at my problem and the next.
    I'm not going to put the osTicket to work externally, will work with him internally in the hospital work .. then we are using our IP range, but when we put the ip in the url, not open the page of osTicket but the page from my bank data, wanted to know if this problem and osTicket or and internal here.

  • It sounds to me like you have your [unknown software] webserver configured wrong.

  • ok, thanks for always helping me, any doubts'll get back to you, we here the error was internal same

  • Good Morning,
    I set the osTicket in the company where I work, we will work internally more'm not managing to create the users to open the so-called someone here can help me?

  • At what point do you get stuck?
    What are you clicking on? 
    What errors are you getting?
    What version are you running?
    What is your use case?
    Are clients (Users) internal or external to your company?
    Are they also going to be agents?
  • I want to know where the users create the password because I can not find my osTicket and osTicket version (v1.9.14), will create the users for internal access, not any of them will be users only agent
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    You can create users at:
    Agent panel -> Users

    You can enable how users can make their own accounts etc at:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Access under End User Authentication Settings
  • I made the setting for the users to do more and gave confirmation email does not arrive register with the link to activate your account .. how do I fix?

  • It has a tutorial where I can see how do these configurations, with pictures, as already searched the internet to see if I can find it can not
  • I even logging an agent on the panel did not ask me for a password, as this agent will do the tickets control?
  • I'm sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about or trying to ask.
  • This is to Wesley, <- This would be your admin panel. When you create the agent which is under admin panel -> Agents -> add new agent -> User Information -> Authentication -> Did you enter a password for the agent?

    Thanks osTicket for such an awesome product.
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