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Create User when sending email with the user's data by e-mail body?

Good Morning.
I am unable to create User when sending email with the user's data by e-mail body?

Contact the site
Name: TEST
Phone: (XX) 9999-9999
Text: TEST

What should I set template.


  • Versão : osTicket (v1.10-rc.3)

  • Remaking the question!

    When the system receives a new ticket by email, where User data are in the Body as in the example where I set these fields within the system?

  • You edit the users account.
    Agent panel -> Users -> click on the user is probably the fastest way to get there.
  • ntozier ?

    In For: should be test @ ...., is getting the email sent?

    How do I get the system to identify this body of email?

  • The ticket system does not and will not parse the body of your email to create a new user or update the existing users information... so if that is what you are asking you do not.

    An agent will have to manually update or create the user using the information in the body of the email...
  • In version 9.1.51 was already doing, just do not remember where configured!

    I am sending through a form on the website but user information is in the email body!
  • In this example sent through an account noreply @ .... but the e-mail and other User, as the example of the image!
  • There has never been a version of osTicket with that version number.

    osTicket has never had a feature like you are describing.
  • I wrote wrong osTicket (v1.9.5.1)
  • Maybe using Reply-To:
  • Indeed, we used the 9.1.51 version and updated to v1.10-rc.3 version.

    There is an upstart in class.ticket identifying the source email and passing on to the address listed in the email body !!

    Thank you for your help!!
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