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[resolved] Osticket Not Receiving Mail

Hi All

Im New to Linux and New to OSTicket.  Ive managed to install both.  Im using ubuntu 14.04 and OSTicket V1.9.81.

For some reason, OSTicket is not receiving mail. I have keyed in my mail setings and enabled Email Fetching and its not working.  I can send a test email so I know that I have my username and passwords correct.  So somewhere must of missed a setup or not set something up correctly.  Can any please let me know in simple terms, how to fix.  Please keep in mind I am new to Linux.  So its a huge learning curve, one so far im enjoying.




  • Hi All

    Is anyone able to help at all?


  • There is no such thing as 1.9.81... there is a which is old and outdated.  I would recommend that you run current and test again.
  • edited October 2016
    Hi Notozier

    Ive upgrade to the latest version and its working, thank you.



  • Very welcome. :)
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