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Handling Multiple Websites


How are most people handling osticket for handling/monitoring several websites? We have 3 different URLs that will send ostickets to and we cannot tell which site the tickets came from? And is there a way to personalize for each website when responding to tickets? People are not recognizing when we respond to tickets cause it comes from our corporate email address and not from the individual URL. Trying to separate and look more professional when dealing with customers.



  • Not sure if this is the ideal solution, but you could set up filters that assign tickets to a department based on website, then you could have unique email templates for each department. I've used different color fonts to differentiate which department the ticket is intended for.
  • @mperlove That is a great idea. 

    May I ask what you used as a trigger to differentiate between the websites? Since I am using the same email for my fetch, etc. there is not much unique data that comes through.

  • I haven't used the filters myself, so I'm not much help there. Sorry!

    Could your users select from a list which website they're submitting a ticket about? You could auto assign based on that, too.
  • I presume that you have a "feedback" form or something on each web site that the customer is using to fill out and message you regarding that site?  If so then you could probably inject a unique string for each one (maybe in the subject) and then use a Ticket Filters to match the string and route the ticket to the appropriate department.

    example. generates am email with in the subject. generates with in the subject.
    both get sent to

    osTicket picks up those emails, and then uses the subject to say goes to department abc, and emails go to department def.

    Would that suit your needs?
  • @ntozier Yes that would work just fine. How would I setup the filters to accomplish this?
    Could you give me an insight on how to set that filter up?

  • @ntozier Also, can different departments have different signatures, etc? So when we respond to that ticket assigned to a certain department, would allow us to customize or tailor the responding emails?
  • Q: How would I setup the filters to accomplish this? Could you give me an insight on how to set that filter up?
    A: do this:
    Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters
    Click Add New Filter (upper right)
    name it department
    Execution order 1, tick "Stop Processing on further match!"
    Select Filter Status: Enable
    under Target Channel select Emails.
    under Filter Actions, there are two drop downs and text field.
    in the first choose Ticket / Issue Summary, Contains,
    Select the department in the Department dropdown, click save.

    repeat this process creating a new filter for

    Q: can different departments have different signatures
    A: Yes departments can have their own signatures.
    Do this:
    Admin panel -> Agents -> Departments.
    Click on department.
    Fill out the Department Signature box at the bottom.
    Click Save Changes.
  • @ntozier

    Nice! I'm gonna give that a try and it sounds like exactly what I need. 

    Thanks...I'll let you know how it goes.

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