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This fatal error caused the OS Ticket Down

My company support section went blank this morning. Looking for a clue to this problem on the log and noticed this fatal error:

[28-Oct-2016 13:53:07 America/Denver] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member
function setTabActive() on null in
/home1/flowpoin/public_html/support/scp/profile.php on line 45

Opened the profile page to see line 45:

 When I reached out to you in Sept, this error didn't exist. It worked fine until today.  Is this the latest bug?


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.
  • I have tried to say as much as possible. Never modified the profile php file and the fatal error says this is the line that might caused it.  In Sept your staff told me to upgrade PHP and started working fine until today.

    If I reinstall the OS ticket again and connect to the old database, would this fix the error?
  • I don't have staff for osTicket so I'm quite positive my staff haven't told you anything in Sept or any other time.

    You have not provided us with the version of osTicket that you are running let alone any system information (webserver, php, mysql versions, etc).   You haven't told us if you made any changes to the source, or upgrade/installed software packages on the server, or any other changes.  There is no way that we can possibly assist you with this dearth of information.
  • I checked the Sept discussion it was you who helped me in Sept. My apologies.
    To answer your questions;
    Osticket version 1.9.8
    Never made any changes to the source

  • and system information?
    Did your web host upgrade PHP on you?
  • After the upgrade it was working fine. I just don't know what happened today, it becomes a blank screen. I saw the error from profile.php, i went straight to you
  • Hi Ntozier
    I have the OSticket back on, however it's showing no styles.

    Any suggestions?

  • problem solved.
  • So what was it?
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