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Search Feature

Hello there,
I've been using the osTicket for several months.
I just got the upgrade to the version 1.10 but I discovered that I can't search a user, using a custom field from a custom form. My previous version was 1.9.14.

Everything else seems to work fine for me. Has this feature been changed or is it bug? 


  • Please post a screen shot or step by step instructions so that we can attempt to replicate your issue report, because right now I'm not real sure that I follow what you are trying to say the problem you are encountering is.
  • Thank you for your reply.

    An admin is able to create and add custom fields and forms by going at Admin Panel>Manage>Forms>Add new custom form.

    If you add a custom form at a user's account by going at Users>User Directory>"User Name">More>Manage Forms>Add Forms and then add a form, you should be able to search for that field when creating a ticket.

    But as you can see at the pictures I can't search for that field..

  • You are correct.  You cannot lookup a user by their custom field (fax) number.  You can only use name or email to find existing users.
  • In the previous version 1.9.4 that was possible. How can I downgrade to that without any data loss? By just replacing the files in the directory with my back up?
  • There is no downgrade path.
  • Ok then I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
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