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notification on ticket close

I'd like to send an e-mail when a ticket is closed (or its status changed).

Can someone point out where in the code this occurs?  I see previous threads that accomplish the same thing on previous versions, but on v1.10, obviously the code is in different locations.


  • This feature is already in the system?
  • @energy incorrect.  There is no close ticket email.

    @mig39 You can could change your work flow so that Agents use a canned response when closing a ticket.  Which wouldn't be automatic but would have the desired affect of sending a email to the User when a ticket is closed.
  • Thanks for your reply, ntozier.  We already do this, and it works great.

    What I want to add is part of our particular workflow -- if a status is changed, a unique e-mail address will receive an e-mail notice.  This e-mail address isn't part of the ticket or the system.  

    In the past, I just added a few lines of code to generate this e-mail to class.ticket.php, in the close() function.

    But I can't seem to find where this takes place in v1.10.  

    If someone can point me in the right direction, I can put in my couple of lines of code to generate the e-mail.

  • Ok, I think I've found it, and it suits our needs well.

    In class.ticket.php, the function is setStatus.  I've put a few lines of code in there to send the appropriate e-mail, and it's working just fine.

  • hi @mig39 Could you share how you have managed to that with us
  • In class.ticket.php, at the end of the function setStatus, I added some lines of php that send out an e-mail.

    Here's a starting point for how to send e-mail:

    There's probably an easy way to do it with the built-in OSTicket mail function as well, but for our internal needs, the php mail function was more than good enough.

  • You would think that a ticket close email would be default because it's stating your issue has been resolved. Right? Or am I misunderstanding this altogether? 
  • Hi,
    what have you add in class.ticket.php to notify if ticket is closed?
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