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[resolved] Disabled Issue Details

we have disabled 'Issue Details' field in 'Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details', because it fits better to our current workflow to have only one message field if a agent opens a ticket. We need the 'Response' field because of the 'canned response' we use quit often, so we decided to disable the issue field.

If a agent opens a new ticket with 'send alert to user' activated, the user get an email of the current response text. But the first two lines are blank in that email.

Q: How to prevent those two blank lines in email notifications if the 'Issue Details' field is deactivated?


  • So you disabled Issue Details (aka email body) field....  Did you edit your email template to remove the variable?

  • thx ntozier for that hint.

    I have checked the 'New Ticket Notice' template containing


    I thought {message} is the combination of 'Issue Details' and 'Response'. Ok, so far, I have changed it to


    and it works like a charm. Thanks again!
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