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Help showing summary rather than topic in ticket list

See screenshot below:

If a user opens a ticket by sending an email, I get the email subject displayed. If they open a ticket via the web interface, I get the topic displayed as the subject. Wondering if there is an easy way to get the "summary" to show up as the subject for tickets opened via the web interface so that people don't have to click on every ticket to see what it pertains to.



  • I'm assuming this is what is defining the query:


        'ticket_id', 'number', 'created', 'isanswered', 'source', 'status_id',

        'status__state', 'status__name', 'cdata__subject', 'dept_id',

        'dept__name', 'dept__ispublic', 'user__default_email__address'


  • Yeah, that's a great idea. Please do let us know if you figure it out elsewhere, I am very interested :) 
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