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My Tickets queue showing team(?) tickets in addition to "my" tickets 1.10

In our current environment, the My Tickets queue shows only tickets assigned specifically to an agent, and does not include team tickets. 

It appears in 1.10 that it is also showing what I think is team tickets, that haven't yet been claimed?

The tab bar shows the correct count of tickets, but shows a different number of tickets in the queue when selecting that tab.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? I tried looking through the new Roles settings and don't see any where to change this.


  • I am seeing this too, sort of - it has been this way for a while. What I am seeing is that the number of tickets displayed on the tab does _not_ match the number of tickets listed within it.

    I believe this tab shows the tickets assigned to the user plus the tickets assigned to the user's teams where they are not also assigned to an individual. Not sure if the department comes into play also - I am currently trying to figure it out.

    My workaround is to have a saved search that gives just my tickets - but I do not like this new behavior and it may be a show stopper for us upgrading from 1.9.4
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