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Issues with users getting into ticket after initially opening

I'll start off with system information and by saying I am by no means an expert on this so please excuse me being a novice. I have my default MTA to use PHP mail function but have my default mail to send email via SMTP (Don't know if this could be an issue). PHP Versions 7.08 which is included in my OS Ubuntu 16.04.3. Also Apache version 2.4.18. We have another system with osticket that works but upgrading to new system with more functionality. Whenever I open a new ticket I have it setup to send email to user with link to access their ticket if they wish to make any changes. On the ticket that is sent their is a link "view this ticket's progress online". When I click that link it sends me straight to the homepage whereas in the working system it goes into the ticket for user to make additional comments. I've compared the settings and checked everything I know to check but I'm at a stalemate from here. I've also tried emailing access link to see if that works and it does the same thing straight to homepage. I've checked the Apache logs and the osTicket logs and I see no errors when I open a new ticket or when I click the link to go to the ticket from my email.


  • imageI attached a file but evidently it didn't attach so here's an example of the email that I recieve that does not work.
  • So... I'm not sure that I understand what you say your problem is.  I think that your saying that Users (clients) are not automatically logged into the ticket system to view the status of their ticket.  Is that right?

    Also what version are you running?
  • Yes that's what the issue is we don't want them to have to make accounts so they just make the ticket and then we want them to be able to click the link in the ticket and it auto-login to the ticket to reply to us if they want or to update the ticket with new information. I'm running the newest version v1.10 (901e5ea). Sorry for the confusion.
  • What do you have for access settings at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Users?
  • Here's what my users settings are. There default as I haven't changed any of the settings.
  • edited November 2016
    I've been troubleshooting this and I may have just found the issue but correcting it is another story. So if I compare the link that is sent from our working system when I open a ticket to the link that is sent from our OSticket system that is not working for some reason its adding in index.php. For example here's the link from our working system http://mycompany/osTicket/view.php?auth=o1xbqaaaacfaaaaaDJlAHJyUccAMvg==  and from our not working system http://mycompany/osticket/index.php/view.php?auth=o1xaqaaaaasaaaaa9L%2Fnzp%2F1HNKBjA%3D%3D. I bolded the part in question. If I take out the index.php and paste the link it works. Now do you know what I can do to resolve that why is it adding that in their? Sorry again for my lack of knowledge on the subject.
  • Try unchecking "Require Email Verification" at Admin panel -> Settings -> Users
  • Earlier when you asked about the users settings I did try changing that setting and it still did not resolve the issue when I click the link sent to the user it still goes to homepage. It seems like changing that did allow me to get into ticket with the user by going to check ticket status and typing in email and ticket number but did not fix other issue.
  • I fixed the issue!! It's always something so small we overlook them and automatically think it's something bigger. In case anyone else runs into this my fix was simple in my helpdesk url I had index.php at the end of it. I feel stupid overlooking that but it happens thanks for your help ntozier.
  • Very welcome, but kudos for the solve go to you.. :)
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