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Alert to Ticket creator when ticket is transferred to another department


It is possible to set somewhere notice for ticket creator when agent make the ticket transfer to other department? Or that this transfer was seen, at least in the ticket thread (from user side,not from agent/admin panel).
Thanks for response


  • There is no concept of "ticket creator" in osTicket, so no there is no way to send the "ticket creator" any announcements. The ticket thread is updated when a transfer occurs with an internal system note which Agents can see.

    That being said there are ticket owners (the user whose name the ticket was opened for) and asssigned Agent, and Assigned Department/Team.
  • edited November 2016
    Sorry for my bad description. I mean user who create ticket. If I open new ticket and login to ticket thread I don't see in history that the ticket was assigned/delegated to staff member/department. I see only my messages and staff reply.I be able to see actual assigned department only in ticket list.
  • Nope, that's internal (Agents) only.
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