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Subject field length


in the older osticket versions the subject field was larger and easier to read the subject title.
Actual it is very short so we would like to change this.
Does somebody knows an easy way to change this?
Maybe its just needed to change the table size, but dont know in which config file?

Thanks :-)


  • If you are wanting to do it in the agent ticket queue, you can do it in [sitename]\include\staff\

    We had to adjust table and column widths when adding a new column, and this is where we did it.
  • edited November 2016
    Hi blueyeguy,

    that works, but unfortunately just for the subject frame, the subject text inside the frame ist still
    the same and not automatically resized...

    How did you configured the text size / length for your new column?
  • Hi,

    If you mean the subject where it gets cut off with '...' is not filling the subject box, then a quick way to do this is in ''  around line 559 ish (I cannot be more precise as I have edited my php file a bit and it will not look like yours).. Experiment with changing the $base value to get the correct length..  Bear in mind there are a few spaces you need to leave space for, paperclip, message count etc.

    Hope that helps, :)

                    <td><div style="max-width: <?php
                        $base = 432; // <<----- CHANGE THIS
                        // Make room for the paperclip and some extra
                        if ($T['attachment_count']) $base -= 18;
                        // Assume about 8px per digit character
                        if ($threadcount > 1) $base -= 20 + ((int) log($threadcount, 10) + 1) * 8;

  • Yes as @polomint says, you can adjust how much it shows before truncating.

  • Thank you two, works fine! :-)
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