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User help topic's visibility

Is there a way to limit for a front end user, visibility of help topic's ? So for example, I've got many users in my platform. And also I've got many help topic's. What i would like to do, is to limit a certain group of users visibility for only certain help topic's. My company provides a service for many dfifferent platforms and softwares, so we would like to employes of company X to see only help topicks related to X software, not for Y or Z. I heaven't found such functionality in OsTicket, so is there a mod which would allow that ? 

Anticipating the obvious question - why we won't set up a different platforms for different software and users. Time and resources. Also there is like 3~5 users for each software we support, only one, got like 20+ so it would be a bit silly.

Thanks for answers and help.


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