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[resolved] Letting the client print their ticket

I see there is an option for agents to print off tickets but none for customers.  Is there an option you switch on anywhere?

Thanks in advance

Kriss :)


  • User logs in.
    User views ticket.
    User clicks the print button.


  • Ok that is not on mine... I have the edit button... although the ticket I am looking at is a test ticket that is closed... is this in the new release?  I do have to update to the latest maintainence release...

    Kriss :)
  • This is from the current version (1.10).
  • Didn't realise they had realised a stable version... must have missed the email oops...

    I will upload it and have another look.


    Kriss :)
  • As you know I have finally got it uploaded LOL and it is now it does only appear on the latest version... which is great lets my clients have a hard copy  :)

    Kriss :)
  • :)

    I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you encounter any more difficulties.
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