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Department tab in SCP ticket view

I would like to have department shown in the open ticket view for the staff control panel, I could have sworn that this was the case before i messed with some settings. The attached screen shots show what my open ticket page looks like, as well as my ticket settings and my server information. I appreicate whatever help i can get. imageimageimage


  • Department has never been a field on that screen.... since generally speaking people wouldn't be able to see the ticket if it was assigned to a department that they didn't have access to anyway.

    You would have to alter the source to add it, or wait for 1.11 to be released which will include the Custom Queues feature.
  • Okay, i had this modification working on Is there a similar modification to for v1.10? I looked at the 1.9 & 1.10 files side by side and they were quite different so I'm not sure if someone else has achieved this yet.

    This is essential to what I implementing OSticket to do (this is not a regular ticket system, this has a 3D printing application spin) so if i have to go back to i will.

    And if certain staff users were not able to see the department couldn't i simply give them all access to all of the departments?
  • Search "A better ticket list"

    If there is a solution for 1.10 it's in that thread.
  • Thank you very much ntozier. Is there hope for this feature in newer versions? Because it looks like it is included in ( I don't know anything about php )

  • As I said, the Custom Queues feature is supposed to be released in 1.11.
  • Gotcha, thanks.
  • Very welcome. :)
  • Hi tomcoppola,

    I did this for my installation.  It's rather simple.  BEFORE YOU BEGIN, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR HTML DIRECTORY.

    First, find this section of code in

                // Swap some columns based on the queue.
                if ($showassigned ) {
                    if (!strcasecmp($status,'closed'))
                        $queue_columns['assignee']['heading'] =  __('Closed By');
                        $queue_columns['assignee']['heading'] =  __('Assigned To');
                } else {

    Add a double slash before the unset($queue_columns['dept']); so it looks like this:

    This will make the column show up in the list of headers.  However, you need to go head and add the td to table as well.  So, find this section of code in

    <td class="nohover" align="center"
                        style="background-color:<?php echo $T['cdata__:priority__priority_color']; ?>;">
                        <?php echo $T['cdata__:priority__priority_desc']; ?></td>
                    <td nowrap><span class="truncate" style="max-width: 169px"><?php
                        echo Format::htmlchars($lc); ?></span></td>
                    <td><?php echo $T['dept__name'];?></td>

    Right above the </tr>, add:

                    <td><?php echo $T['dept__name'];?></td>

    I hope this helps.  
  • You're awesome!   Thank you very much for sharing this fix. 
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