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Users v Agents

My understanding is that users are end users who can add tickets to the system and Agents are those that can resolve the tickets that are added.  The problem I have is that I have created 12 users (members of staff) for them to be able to log issues within the system.  However none of them can log in.  If I try to reset the password the system says it can't find the user but they are all in the system as registered (active).  Am I missing something?


  • edited December 2016
    users - people with problems -- login at the support site
    agents - people who can resolve the issues (hopefully) -- login in the scp (staff control panel)

    users login at
    agents (support staff) login at

  • @dbum is correct.  I'd also like to add that Users are located at Agent panel -> Users and Agents are at Admin panel -> Agents
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