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  • dbum December 2016
  • Rio December 2016
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Manually add an eMail to CC another user when creating ticket

edited December 2016 in Mods and Customizations

So im the only agent in the company and i was wondering if its possible to add another field that will allow the user to copy their supervisor when creating a new ticket?




  • You can assign each person to an organization (department) then have an auto-collaborator added to each organization ticket.

    Sales is Jim and Joe and their supervisor is Frank
    Marketing is Sally and Jill and their supervisor is Martha

    Any time Jim or Joe put in a ticket, Frank is automatically a collaborator
    Any time Sally or Jill put in a ticket, Martha is automatically a collaborator

  • Thanks dbum this is very helpful!!! :D

    Please close this thread.

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  • Hi Dbum,

    Just want to confirm once i have enabled this feature will the supervisor/manager receive a copy of the newly created ticket? or it  will only be added automatically as collaborator when the agent reply to the email? Sorry i got excited on my reply.

    What i was actually looking for is to apply the same function when you are an agent. (e.g.) when a ticket is assigned to agent the account manager will automatically be copied ticket.

    Cant find a good explanation on how it suppose to be setup or whats the common practice for requestor and agents when opening a ticket and why.

    Can we say that the agent can decide whether there's a need to copy the manager depending the severity of the request or assure the users that the manager will be copied once the ticket is acknowledge by the agent.

    Thanks Guys

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