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Redirect ticket on close

Hello, im trying to redirect to edit ticket when the ticket is being closed.
Where can I edit the code? Some suggestions to do it?
The reason to do this is because I have a field in ticket that should be fill when the ticket is closed
Thank you


  • I'm not sure what your trying to say... but if you are trying to make it so staff (agents) cannot close a ticket with out populating a field then that is already a feature in osTicket.

    Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
    Click the config button to the right of the field you want to require to close.
    Click on the Settings tab
    Tick the Data Integrity check box
    Click Save.
  • edited December 2016
    I have 1.9.14, I think I posted in wrong section. Im not finding the settings tab
  • If memory serves me correctly that the feature was introduced in 1.9.11, so while there may not be a settings tab it should be right near there.
  • Sorry, but I did not find it, it is in visibility? I want it required but only on close
  • Maybe I'm wrong about the version that it was added to.
    Whats under Validator?

    Worse case you simply would need to upgrade to current to get the fuinctionality.
  • edited December 2016
    Under validator there are phone number, ip adress, etc validating the field, can you provide me a link to update? Thank you for all
  • Roughly Line #189 @ ticket.php (osticket/upload/scp/)

    Look for "$redirect = 'tickets.php';"

    I modify osticket so may not be exactly.

    Simplest way to stay on the ticket if still open (the functionality i use) otherwise if its closed goto the open tickets page, comment out the redirect.

    //$redirect = 'tickets.php';

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