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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

DMT Free Responsive Theme "Extended Basic | Great Pumpkin" Stable 1.0 for osTicket 1.9.12



  • @sdillon049 

    just refresh and/or clear cache and try again
  • As per 2016/09, does the Extended Basic theme is free or not? From what I understand (and I reported in the thread I opened today*), it's not free anymore; but I can be wrong...

  • Hi All,

    This theme is only change the client page? will it change for agent page? 
  • edited December 2016
    thanks for the extension. looks great. for some reason i am having db errors and my scp/login.php wont load. now open.php wont load either. any help will be appreciated. 
  • @pccdtech are you running 1.9.12 or 1.9.13?  Because that's the only versions of this theme I see on thisthread.  It does not work with 1.9.14+ or 1.10 as it wasn't written to work with those versions.
  • thanks mate. i downloaded the new extension that works with the new version of OSticket. works like charm. 
  • @pccdtech
    Could you please provide a link for the theme that works with the new version of osTicket?
  • edited December 2016
    Sorry, for being a long time away from this forum. The free "Great Pumpkin" theme was our way to say "Thank you" to the developers and the community of osTicket for the version 1.9.12 and 1.9.13. In our opinion Open Source and GNU/GPL projects can only stay alive, if the community is willing to give something back. That's the reason, why we did this.

    We get a lot of positive feedback for the free theme and were completely surprised of the number of downloads. Til today the theme was downloaded over 5700 times. We gave free support for the theme since October 2015 in more than 600 cases.

    By releasing the first previews of our fully responsive version with usability improvements, the positive feedback was enormous. For going on with the development, we asked the community and downloaders to support us by making a donation or dropping a preorder. The proportion of persons, willing to do this, was less than 0,2% as the number of downloads.

    This experience was sobering, so we decided to concentrate us on other projects. These are done now and we decided to give osTicket fully responsive a second chance, because we really like osTicket. Last Monday we restarted the work.

    As a result of this work, we will release on 20th of december an update of Great Pumpkin, the free theme, for osTicket 1.9.15. with additional 10 color presets. Happy Xmas!

    A fully responsive theme (frontend and backend) for osTicket 1.9.15 will be released on February 1st for 29,- $. Preorders are possible for 19,- $ til December 31th. Send me a request and you will get more infos and instructions back.

    We will start limited public testing on January 2nd and need some testers. The number of testers is limited to 10 user and 10 staff accounts, therefore your registration will be recorded in the order of receipt. Send me a mail with the subject "osTicket 1.9.15 RC Responsive Theme Public Test" to All testers will get a free copy of the theme and an individual startpage design according to their needs.

    Best regards, Jürgen
  • Welcome back Jürgen!  And thank you for your continued efforts in helping this community.
  • edited December 2016
    @DMTGMBH, only for osTicket 1.9.15?? Not valid for new  v1.10?
  • edited December 2016
    @DMTGMBH I appreciate you making something like this, it is very nice and I am looking forward to testing/implimenting. 

    Also, I will contribute, I hope it works for v10.
  • edited December 2016
    First we will release the version for 1.9.15 and I'm curious about the feedback of the testers. We made a lot of changes to improve the usability in our opinion, e.g.: now you can hide and show columns in the table view, we simplified the popup windows, added live filtering and many things more. After building the final version for 1.9.15 we will start builduing a version for 1.10. and if anything goes well, it will be available four weeks later for limited public testing.
  • Hi, is there already available the download for 1.9.15?
  • Are there any plans to update the theme to version 1.10 or higher?

    Regards katasun
  • Hi can we use this template in osTicket (v1.10) to ?
  • @DMTGMBH  and @Preycon .
    I'm also eager to hear news for 1.9.15.
  • Hi @DMTGMBH i install the theme without any problem, but when trying to create a new account does not show the form.

    And when trying to enter the agent panel /scp/login.php the error of This page is not working appears, deleting the theme works everything correctly.
  • Are there any plans to update this to be compatible with v1.10.1?

    I'm looking for a responsive theme for the admin side that is compatible with the latest version, but I'm sort of hitting a dead end at the moment.
  • Everyone is hitting a dead end. The developers @DMTGMBH last post on this thread was December. No one has even confirmed here that the theme was successfully released for 1.9.15.
  • solution its that olders download must be shared, upload to the github and then collaborate to made own community based..

    i try to do one, but i need a base theme, i posted yet some code sharing solution and now i need a theme, i cn made an effort if someone provide a downloaded theme, we will setup a git repo and start to share improvements
  • total new to os ticket and not sure on the info for installing this
    and any screen shots on mobile devise ?
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