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E-mail IMAP logon

Hi! I've used osTicket with large success before, and now I'm setting it up for one of my new companies.
We are using Office 365 with shared mailboxes, and for access shared mailboxes in O365 Exchange we need to enter the username for logon to the shared mailbox like username@domain.tld\sharedmailbox (or username@domain.tld/sharedmailbox) demending on the system, but I get error when try to use this as a username in osticket latest release 1.9.12.

I've testet that this IMAP account working on another email client and phones, so the config is correct on mailserver side..
Is there something in the code of osTicket that prevent us from using a username like that?


  • It is my understanding (I haven't tried it) that osTicket REALLY does not like shared mail boxes.  You will have to setup a dedicated mailbox for use with osTicket.
  • That is my experience too. Since it can not allow to use username@domain.tld\sharedmailbox as username, but other systems allow this. So it have to be the way osTicket connect to IMAP? Maybe something to think about in new updates :)
  • I'm also in the same boat as far as unsuccessfully trying to use a shared folder.

    From what I can tell, the problem comes from the construction of the string passed to the imap_open call.
    To connect to an Office 365 shared folder from my server with some test code, I had to use the following:
    imap_open ("<email used for authentication>/user=<shared folder alias>}INBOX", "<email used for authentication>", "<password>");

    Perhaps a more talented programmer could make some changes that would allow you to add the shared folder alias to the arguments. 
  • Hi! 
    Did you ever get this to work? I am trying to do the same but keep getting IMAP Auth Failed... 

    @Cameron_MacDonald - Where did you write that code line? 
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