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Integration from another OsTicket installation


In our company we have three departments that use OSTicket.

Sometimes we need to assign tickets to another department and add them as end user or collaborator.

When someone replies on the ticket, the response is sent, but the other OSTicket doesn't integrate the message, it just open a message in the thread with "Received From: Sender". The text and attachments are gone...

Can someone help me?

Thank you


  • I don't know what version you are running, but the only people who can reply via email to a ticket and not have it open a new ticket is the Owner (the person the ticket is opened for), and any collaborators.  (The assigned Agent can also reply but it does not update the ticket it posts an internal note)

    Do you have the ticket number in the subject? 
  • I have version1.9.14.

    The deal is this, a client opened a ticket in the Technical Support OSTicket.

    After a few messages with the client, the Tech Support added the Sales Department as collaborator in this ticket and replied to the client.

    This reply opened a ticket in the Sales Dept.

    Each time we reply to the client or vice-versa, we open a thread in the existing ticket in Sales Dept OSTIcket, the message is always "Received From: Tech Support", even if the real message in the email is a text with an attachment.

    I hope you understand the example.

    Thank you

  • Check the screenshot below :)
  • "Do you have the ticket number in the subject? "
  • Yes, the ticket number is always in the subject in every message.
  • Hi,

    No fix for this?


  • I'm going to recommend that you upgrade.
    Here's why: osTicket uses the email headers (specifically the message-id field) to match emails to tickets.  If that fails then it checks the subject for the ticket number.  I'm not aware of any issues with this behavior, and you are the only one that has reported anything like this [in a long time] that wasn't fixed by adding [#%{ticket.number}] to the subject.  So maybe 1.9.14 broke something, and maybe it was fixed in 1.9.15 or 1.10 since more people haven't reported it.  As a side note it the person is not a collaborator (user) on the ticket replies will likely create a new ticket because they do not have access to the ticket in the first place, or an agent whose email replies will simply add an internal note.
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