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Undeletable SPAM Throws OS Ticket Into a Mail Fetcher Frenzy!

Using osTicket v1.9.14 happily for a while now and have a regular CRON job set up a few e-mail accounts to import.

One of these accounts has thus far received twice a spam e-mail with an attachment that cannot be deleted by me (I have to write my server admin to remove it) but as a result, it causes Mail Fetcher alert after alert until he's able to delete it.

The error message is: Excessive errors processing emails for Please manually check the inbox.

I'm curious if there is any preventative steps I can take to assure this doesn't continue OR at minimum mute the alert or tell osTicket to ignore that specific e-mail since it can't be removed even from osTicket.

FWIW, I have the original e-mail I'm happy to upload if somebody wants to diagnose it but I didn't want to do so without getting some thoughts from the group. Otherwise, I've spend hours scouring the forums and cannot find anybody who had a similar issue.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts all!


  • I think that you might want to have this same conversation with your server admin.  There may be some sort of filtering (or blocking) of the email outright at the server level that could prevent this.  If you want to PM me the original email with full headers I can pass it along to the devs to take a look at also.

    Out of curiosity does the email have any attachments and if so how big?
  • The e-mail does indeed have an attachment which is 15.1k . . .

    I know my mail server admin does run a series of things to dramatically reduce spam and PM you shortly!

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