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[resolved] If Overdue change priority

edited December 2016 in General Discussions
Is there any way by which we can change priority of ticket to 'high' from 'normal' on event of ticket transferred to Overdue!
For eg by filter ticket or any other process
I tried ticket filter but I didn't found anything there!
Anyone who can help me on this topic?


  • SLA's do not have triggered actions.
    Ticket filters only run when a ticket is opened.
    So there is no way to automate what you are asking in osTicket.
  • Is it possible in future?
    Then I can add this in suggestion and close from here!
  • Yes, please open a post in suggestions with your idea, be detailed and clear. As your question has been answered I will go ahead and close this. 

    Happy Holidays!
This discussion has been closed.