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Delete Draft and Reset button seems slow or unresponsive

I'm on the latest ost 1.9.15, running on Linux and Apache.

I actually feel the same issue with ost 1.9.8. 
But i've done some testing on ost 1.9.15 and find the same behaviour.

On the "Open New Ticket" screen, and i think it's the same behaviour in the ticket's "Post Reply" screen under Agent login.

"Delete Draft" and "Reset" button seems slow or unresponsive sometimes.

I notice that any message we type into the "Open New Ticket" screen, the system will auto save and then show "Draft Saved". Only after it happens, the "Delete Draft" button will be usable. Seems to me that if before the "Draft Saved" is displayed, pressing on "Delete Draft" will not remove the message typed.

And "Reset" button seems to be usable even before "Draft Saved". 
But sometimes I press Reset and nothing happens, and sometimes the message is deleted with some delay.

Anyone notice is please?
Is there a way to make both "Delete Draft" and "Reset" actions to be effective immediately upon pressing?




  • The latest osTicket is 1.10 not 1.9.15.

    The delete button is instantaneous for me.

    Depending on which reset button you are talking about there is this:
  • Yes. I mean the latest for 1.9.x series.

    @ntozier  don't you find the "Delete Draft" button only working AFTER the "Draft Saved" message is seen?
    If you type something and immediately press "trash bin" (before Draft Saved), nothing really happen.

    And your issue with "Reset" button is what i found true.
  • ...If it hasn't saved a draft yet... obviously there isn't a draft to delete. 
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