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Auto Login Setting

When the client or agent click on the ticket link in an email, the SUPPORT CENTER HOME page appears.

Isn't there an admin setting to allow auto-login?



  • Depending on the version you are running there is a feature that will allow people to log in and view only that ticket.  But if you use user accounts I don't think that it works.
  • Thanks for the reply!!

    Where can I locate the setting??

  • That would depend on the version you are running.
    So which version are you running?
  • An old one I'm afraid...v1.7.3
  • I have no idea.  That version is ancient and no longer supported.  I would have thought that version was pre user accounts, and that the login links in the default templates should log the user in to see their tickets.  Or at the very least take them to the site where they can enter their ticket number and email to see their tickets.
  • nt,

    It does take them to the site and they do have to enter the ticket # and password. But the reason a link is embedded in their email is to allow auto login. So I will look in the default templates as you suggest...

    Are you indicating the newer versions do not support auto login?

  • I'm saying that newer versions have a Guest login feature if you do not use regular user accounts.
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