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ost_ticket__cdata issue in V.10

Hello all,

I have been asked to upgrade the support ticket system and am in process of updating / customization & testing V 1.6st to V1.10. The upgrade went well and some of the mods were a piece of cake with the new release.

The previous tech added a few tables to manage the RFE and Bug ID in V1.6. Now that we have the option to add additional forms, I chose this path to work with the flow.

I ran a script to read data from these custom tables and update the ost_ticket__cdata table

Unfortunately, The data does not show up on the ticket, but if I add the info manually, I can see the data

Is there any other table that is referenced to read the data from ost_ticket__cdata

Here's a record from ost_ticket__cdata :
| ticket_id | subject                             | priority | ticket_type | rfe_id | bug_id | que_id |
|     123 | RFE: Resizing Wrangle Input Windows | 2        | 0           |        |        | 789  |



  • You don't want to upgrade the __Cdata.  This table is a temporary table.

    You would want to insert the data into: ost_list_items

  • Thanks @ntozier

    I checked my ost_list_items table and its empty. I added a few manual entry, which table would be holding that info?
  • edited December 2016
    So my suggestion was for lists... you will of course want to check out the ost_form* tables.  Data should be in the _entry_values.
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