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"Forgot My Password" doesn't work

Hello there!
When going to the "Forgot My Password" page (pwreset.php), and entering an email address, no email is sent. 
Also no message appears.

osTicket Version v1.9.12 (19292ad) 
Web Server Software Apache
MySQL Version 5.6.28
PHP Version 5.6.29
Browsers Firefox, Chrome, IE
Pumpkin Theme

Does anyone have an idea? It used to work and suddenly it doesn't anymore. :(


  • edited December 2016
    Check your mail server logs.  Is the email being accepted / rejected by the mail server?
    Check your PHP error logs, are you seeing any errors?
    How do you have mail configured to send?  (PHP Mail?  SMTP?)
    and do other emails send fine?
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